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Mission Statement: Our mission is to create an ecosystem of outliers that test new limits and solve existing problems in today's world through innovative ideas and technology.

Let's face it, we aren't a normal coworking space. Why? Well, because we push limits and question the status quo. We have a 'work smarter, not harder' philosophy. In our age of quickly evolving technology there is no excuse not to be forward thinking and innovate for a smarter and more efficient tomorrow. It is no one's duty except our own, however it can not be done alone. It is by utilizing the unique talents of each person in our structured ecosystem. Watts Coworking is about being an outlier with other outliers.

  • Create a community of outliers

  • Utilize innovative technology to increase work productivity

  • Have fun and celebrate accomplishments

  • Educate our members to improve their businesses

  • Create opportunities for businesses to work together

  • Become an incredible and dynamic asset to the urban community

Meet The Team

Dallas Polivka

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My life's goal is centered around building economic development in urban areas. My philosophy is that we must create the foundation of a long lasting and sustainable ecosystem that drives innovative business and living that will motivate the generations of tomorrow.

 Brandon Peterson

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My overall goal as a leader and entrepreneur is to give people an experience that will either make their lives happier, easier, or more successful. I believe that starts at the core. Without being personable and finding out people's individual talents, it is impossible to help them in the ways they need most.

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 Karlee Peterson

Community Manager

My entire career has been focused on creating personable interactions with people, networking and building new relationships. I believe that is the core foundation of a community and within a strong community comes great success. I am excited to focus my energy on facilitating strong relationships and building the growth of our members businesses while having fun in the process. 

Corporate Partners

corporate partners

We give a big thanks and shout out to our corporate partners. By cultivating strong relationships with them, they have been generous enough to give all Watts Coworking Members complimentary advisory sessions and discounted services. 

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